#WWT How to Copyright Your Images

April, wow. Where did the first quarter go?  I dunno! But here we are and I’m so glad SPRING is right around the corner!

Spring is a good time for fresh starts, that’s why I’m launching this informative email series to my artist buddies (and anyone else who’s interested) to share a bit of my tech knowledge with you. 

#WednesdayWalkThrough is for you, I want you get value from what I’m sharing!  Please feel free to send me your questions, feedback and comments about what you’re struggling with on the internet. 


First, login to the website by either linking your FaceBook account or creating a login using your email. 

>> Open the image you want to add the copyright information to

>> Select the TEXT tool on the left side menu bar.
     I like to use “Add Subheading”

>> Double click and type in your information

>> Click and drag to position your text where you want it

>> If you want to add a copyright ⓒ symbol, you can copy and paste the symbol from this website:
Cntrl+C (PC)
Command+C (Mac)

>> Click on the text and see the blinking cursor, then paste
Cntrl+V (PC)
Command+V (Mac)

>> If you want to change the color of your text, triple click (or click drag) to select your text, click on the color palate in the upper left and select your color. I like to use white.

>> To move your text, single click and drag it to the position you want. If you’d like to turn it so it’s diagonal, click on the arrows in the middle and pull.

>> Create transparency by clicking on the “checkered” icon at the top right. Drag the bar to around 50% (or your choice.)

>> Save by clicking the save button. Export as a .jpg. Normal quality is fine for the internet. 

>> Hint: Remember where you saved it!  I recommend creating a file folder on your desktop and naming it something you’ll remember like “Copyright Images”

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