How to Back Up your iPhone to iCloud

  A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the “Cloud” and the benefits of backing up to a cloud system. I recommended Google as my favorite. Another option for iPhone users is “iCloud.” The Apple.com website offers quick set up instructions that give folks some advice I’m a bit wary of.  They encourage you to set up “automatic downloads” for all of your apps and they promote how “automatic” the whole system is.  Well that’s fine…..if you pay for additional cloud storage space! Apple offers 5MB of iCloud storage for free when you sign up. However, the average user will have much more data (in photos, music, videos and… Read More

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Your Android Smartphone Questions Answered

This week I’m going to address a question that my Mother-In-Law was asking me over Thanksgiving: “Why do my apps disappear?” That’s a very good question that I had to do a little digging to understand better. First a disclaimer: Android phones are open source technology, meaning, depending on the type of Android phone you have (Samsung, Sony, Motorola, etc.) your system settings may be different than described herein. Okay, now to business. I’m working with a Samsung Galaxy J3 (el-cheapo) phone.  I’m going to assume most Samsung phones operate in a similar manner. So why do your apps disappear?  There could be a couple of reasons according to Mitch Bartlett… Read More

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What is the “Cloud?”

Cloud computing is an information technology (IT) paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources…..No! Wait! Just stop.  Take a deep breath.  Ahhhhh. Okay, here is what you need to know. When we refer to the “Cloud” and are talking about your smartphone, we are talking about is a system of computers tied together storing your data.  These computers are not in your home, on your computer, laptop or smartphone. These computers are set up somewhere in the universe (but are most likely here on Earth) where organizations like Google, Microsoft and Apple store and back up your data.   So why the “Cloud?” Have you ever dropped your smartphone in the toilet? … Read More

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About Us

Background: I’m a geek, nerd and technology guru. These are the titles my colleagues and friends have given to me. I love working on the computer and sharing what comes natural to me with others. I started this business so I can give help to those who can’t afford expensive corporate training or a “professional” web designer who will charge you $10k for a 3 page website. ENOUGH! Yes, this stuff is easy for me and I know it’s not easy for you. But I want to help you and not bankrupt you. So I’ve started this business to do just that. My services are versatile, and I can probably tackle any… Read More

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Instagram Hack – My Favorite

I was just reading a blog post by Hubspot, they have wonderful article about Instagram hacks to make your posting and organizing functions in your app much easier.  Read the full article here. From this article, my favorite hack is how to put a “hard return” or “line break” in your post.  This is handy for moving your tags below the text of your post.  For example: I just love this photo of the mountains! #mountains #RMNP #outside #thegreatoutdoors The key is to find the “return” button on your keyboard in Instagram.  Where is it?  Simply, just hit the “123” button at the bottom of your keyboard (where you find the… Read More

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photo restoration

Photo restoration services

Have you ever found that old shoe box of photos in the back of your closet, open the box expectantly only to find the photos inside moldy, scratched and bent up? Sure, we all have, and guess what? I can fix those photos for you! I offer photo restoration services.  I can correct scratches, folds, tears, dust and do color correction.  I can even colorize black & white photos! Reach out to me today if you have some photos you’d like restored back to new! Here is an example of a restoration I have done:

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