About Jill

I am a geek and an artist.

I fully understand the challenges artists face when faced with trying to use technology to sell art.

My goal is to eliminate the fears and frustrations you, as a small business owner, have with “getting online.”

I have been in the tech business for over 30 years. My computer life started back around 1982 when my brother brought home an IBM home computer. I spent hours playing with PCPaint and learning to run simple code executions.

In 1983, 15 IBM computers were donated to my high school. I enrolled in every computing class I could! I learned WordStar and Lotus 1-2-3 among other programs. After high school, these skill landed me my first job at Seagate Technology in 1988.

My entire adult life has been spent on computers. I learned Photoshop & Illustrator in the late 1990’s as well as how to code html to build webpages on the internet.

I have continued to build my computer skills and today I am an expert in WordPress and other web platforms. I have marketing experience building newsletters, creating blog posts and using social media.