About Us


I’m a geek, nerd and technology guru. These are the titles my colleagues and friends have given to me. I love working on the computer and sharing what comes natural to me with others. I started this business so I can give help to those who can’t afford expensive corporate training or a “professional” web designer who will charge you $10k for a 3 page website.


Yes, this stuff is easy for me and I know it’s not easy for you. But I want to help you and not bankrupt you. So I’ve started this business to do just that.

My services are versatile, and I can probably tackle any project you throw at me.  If not, I’ll be sure to duck; or rather, just tell you I can’t do that.

Over the years I have worked with musicians, artists and even a t-shirt manufacturer to create logos and website designs. I’ve trained grandmas, kids and people just like you (especially those who are right brain dominant) how to use technology in easy to understand terms.
Now, if you still like me at this point, let’s talk some more!

Here’s a quick overview of what I do:

  • Marketing & Social Media
    • Strategy planning
    • Budgeting
    • Implementation
    • Social Media Posts (training available)
    • Posters, brochures, business cards
    • Logo Design
    • Newsletters
  • Computer & Smart Phone Training
    • File organizing & clean up
    • Email set up or organizing
    • Software training
    • Teaching your mom how to use her phone so she stops bugging you
    • Workshops
  • Affordable Website Design / ReDesign
    • Setting up a WordPress site for you to easily manage on your own
    • Ecommerce
    • Security
    • Blogging
    • Looking awesome on the internet
  • Photo editing services
    • Photo resizing
    • Image optimization / repair
    • Photo software training
    • Photo restoration (old scratched photos, color correction)
    • 2-D Art Scanning Services for paintings smaller than 24″ square.