Fine Art Solutions

Have you ever wondered how you can have your original fine art masterpieces scanned to a digital file for use on the internet? Or to use in print advertising?  For printing high quality giclėe prints?  Is it intimidating to  haul (or ship) your precious art to a store and leave it there to be potentially damaged before scanning?

I have a solution for you.

I specialize in digital scanning services for your 2D fine art masterpieces.

I will come to your studio and scan your first 2D fine art  for free!  (size limitations apply)

And I will give you one digital file that can be used for printing your artwork at it’s original size.

The Process:

I use a portable flatbed scanner and will take multiple scans of each artwork and stitch them together digitally into a seamless and beautiful digital file. You can use this file at any local or online printing services. It’s yours forever.

What you get when you scan more artwork (prices below):

Digital files provided on CD, DVD or USB:

  • Full size 300 dpi digital file for large reproduction prints (.jpg, .tif, .png)
  • Medium and small digital file sizes for smaller printing (greeting cards, pillows, any other media you can think of)
  • Lower resolution files for use on your webpage, FaceBook pages or any other online media.


First artwork scan is free and includes one digital file.

$50 per artwork piece for images larger than 8″ x 10″ up to 36″ square (or other dimensions). Includes multiple digital files listed above.

$35 per artwork that is  8″x”10 and smaller. Includes multiple digital files listed above.

$20 for an 8×10 Giclee sample print from

**Please note that media must be flat and unframed for the best possible quality scan.  

Media must be fully dried and cured to prevent damage to the media and the scanner.

Not all media will scan clearly (glossy varnish will cause reflections). There will be no charge if the scan is not clear.

Please contact me directly for more information.