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Wednesday Walk Through
Are you wondering how to add a watermark to your photos? Want to do an Instagram follower chall...
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Fine Art Solutions
Have you ever wondered how you can have your original fine art masterpieces scanned to a digital fil...
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Coming in 2019, I will be putting together a series of workshops designed to help the normal people&...
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#WWT How to Copyright Your Images
April 4, 2019 April, wow. Where did the first quarter go?  I dunno! But here we are and I'm so glad SPRING is right around the corner! Spring is a good time ...
March 15, 2019
Coming in April 2019 I will be sharing a Bi-Weekly "Walk Through" every other Wednesday. I can't wait to share the tech skills you've been wanting to learn, but didn't know how to find it o...
It’s World Password Day!
May 3, 2018
Did you know there's a "World Password Day?"  Me either. But this morning I received an email from GoDaddy reminding me to change my passwords. This is a really good idea. I know, I can h

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